Case Studies

Steel / Chrome Plating

100 gpm Waste Treatment System in a Stainless Steel / Chrome Plating Facility


A large Stainless Steel & POP Chrome Plater Facility was having difficulty achieving their metals discharge limits and treating. This facilites primary goal was to find a cost effective for waste treatment and reuse thewater after treatment.

Analytical Results

steel chrome plating


Installation of a TrueBlue 100 GPM System that could enable the customer to implement an effective water treatment system. TrueBlue technology allowed this facility to exceed the targets for its waste water treatment.


Chromium (Cr) and Nickel (Ni) were the target metals to be treated. It is important that we note that both had over a 99% reduction. Chromium (Cr) had a total reduction of 99.93% reduction after the TrueBlue treatment. Nickel (Ni) had a total reduction of 99.81% after the TrueBlue treatment.