Who We Are

Who we are

Aqua ReUse is focused on enabling industrial customers to greatly reduce costs while meeting today’s increasing environmental challenges.

With global water purification and fluid treatment experience, including 40+ years in industrial water purification, Aqua ReUse is uniquely positioned to displace traditional wastewater treatment.


Atum Services Inc doing business as AquaReUse

What We Do

Aqua ReUse manufactures industrial wastewater purification equipment and filtration media. We are specialists in metals removal, along with providing a full suite of pre-treatment solutions, specialty contaminant removal modules (e.g., phosphate and cyanide) and post-treatment polishing modules to achieve true purification versus basic filtration. The TrueBlue™ Suite of Systems can enable up to 100% ReUse of challenging industrial wastewater for some of the world’s largest automotive, heavy equipment and aerospace manufacturers, as well as many of their metal plating and finishing suppliers, among others.

Our unique Industrial wastewater treatment technology enables near elimination of all types of metals without the use of costly traditional metal precipitation treatment (e.g. hydroxide and acid pH adjustments).  The introduction of TrueBlue™ Technology substantially reduces overall operational costs, reduces impact on the environment by near elimination of sludge, and allows for full ReUse or recycling of wastewater.  This enables companies to add significant profit to the bottom line while improving their green footprint for the environment.

Aqua ReUse, Making Wastewater a Resource!