What is TrueBlue™?

TrueBlue is more than industrial wastewater treatment equipment for optimalmetals removal.

It is a user-friendly control center for taking command of your entire wastewater treatment process.

  • Single touchscreen control with visual feedback
  • Enables a single operator to safely control all aspects of wastewater treatment, including
    • Any optional, specialized pre-treatment for your particular situation, or
    • Optional membrane separation for post-treatment salts removal.

How Does TrueBlue™ Work?

TrueBlue Technology uses 3 simple stages to treat Industrial Wastewater of all types:

Stage 1. Reaction Tank with proprietary AR-545™ media. Pre-chemistry prepares metal ions for optimal removal

Wastewater is treated with pre-chemistry designed to prepare the metal ions for ease of removal.

Stage 2. Filtration with proprietary AR-545™ media.

  • Solids removal with low pressure drop through filtration media
  • High-capacity loading and backwash efficiency

Stage 3. Sorption with proprietary AR-MPZ™ media.Metal ions are permanently adsorbed (bonded) onto the media.

What are my options for water ReUse after purifying with TrueBlue™?

1. Up to 100% of effluent water can be ReUsed

  • Becomes resource for process rinse water depending upon your requirements
  • Greatly reduces water supply and discharge costs

2. If salts and conductivity are limiting factors for complete ReUse…

  • Post-treatment Membrane Separation Module enables closed loop systems
  • Full ReUse of effluent as ReUsable process water Resource

3. Metal-free direct discharge to POTW (Publicly Operated Treatment Works)

  • Assured compliance within NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) permit consent limits



WATER reuse and savings


Why Use TrueBlue? INDUSTRIES & APPLICATIONS Ease of Use Maintenance

Why are Companies Using TrueBlue?

1. Costs of traditional approaches have become excessive in highly competitive markets.

  1. Decrease chemical consumption by 60% or more
  2. Decrease sludge generation by 80% or more
  3. Reduce labor requirements by 50% or more
  4. Reduce water & sewage cost by 70% or more
  5. Up to 100% water reuse, eliminating or greatly reducing discharge cost
  6. Discharge Compliance assurance
  7. <50% of the operating costs over traditional waste treatment approach
  8. Exceed today’s tough discharge standards
  9. Increased profit to the bottom line

2. Meet Demanding Discharge Limits Traditional Hydroxide or Sulfide precipitation systems are not providing reliable results for today’s process and discharge requirements.

3. Avoid Penalties and Fines – Companies cannot afford exceedance violations in their environmental records.

4. Peace of Mind – Elimination of periodic exceedence events which cause unnecessary worry, labor requirements and increased chemical costs

5. Protect the Environment – Image correction of company profile and greener footprint

6. The Best Technology Available for those who want game changing technology

7. Retrofit, easily fitting into your existing process to lend a hand to your current equipment – no matter its age or condition.

8. Significantly less capital for new construction installations

9. Less floor space – Greater than 60% decrease in new construction requirements

industries & applications

TrueBlue Technology can be utilized in any wastewater stream that has harmful metals that must be removed.Following are some examples:

Common Industries:

  • Truck & Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Metal Finishing

Common Applications:

  • Electro Deposition Coatings
  • Aluminum Anodizing
  • Electro-Plating of all types
  • Galvanizing
  • Zinc Plating
  • Effluent Water Polishing
  • Other (Any WW that contains Metals)

Results Achieved:

  • Up to 100% water reuse
  • Water purification
  • Primary and secondary process water reuse (boilers; cooling towers; secondary rinses; sludge pit make-up water; etc.)
  • Effluent purification for process reusage
  • Precious metals recovery from wastewater


Aqua ReUse’s TrueBlue™ System utilizes state of the art PLC controls for precision operation. The Allen Bradley Interface is simple and user-friendly enabling ease of operation and infinite control of the process.

Do you know how to get themost benefits from Your TrueBlue™ System?

Regularly serviced, it can do more for you than you may realize, avoiding costly problems…

  1. Discharge violations & costly penalties
  2. Urgent, unscheduled servicing, expedited freight on media & overtime labor
  3. Shortening life of downstream, costly RO membranes
  4. Contaminant build-up and unsuitable water quality for reuse
  5. Higher product reject rates due to contaminant build-up in reused water
  6. Consuming operator time with extra testing & backwashing
  7. Downtime associated with extra backwashing
  8. Thousands of gallons of extra backwash water wastage