Water Reuse

  • Enables up to 100% ReUse of process wastewater
  • Water savings alone typically yield ROI in approximately 1-year
  • Reduced Process Water cost
  • Reduced Wastewater Disposal (direct discharge) cost
  • Other savings:
    • Reduction in sludge disposal, labor and chemicals add to operational savings
    • Less costly floor space required in new construction


Metals Removal

  • Optimal metals removal to trace levels
  • Assurance of direct discharge limit compliance
  • Enables closed loop ReUse of process water
  • Uses proprietary high capacity metals adsorption media


Simple Automation

No complex operation worries!

  • Single touchscreen control & visual feedback
  • Safe, single operator control of all aspects of wastewater treatment
  • Mistake avoidance
  • Greater safety – no manual dosing of chemicals