Pre-treatment Options

Pre-Treatment Options

Have unique challenges or special requirements?

Aqua ReUse offers Pre-Treatment Options to optimize comprehensive solutions.

  • Coarse Metals & Solids Reduction Modules
    • Active pH adjustment (automated)
    • Clarifiers
    • Filter Press
    • Filtration Devices
    • Chemistry
    • Oil and Organics Removal Modules
    • DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)
    • Oil Coalescer
    • Splitting Chemistry
    • Chrome Conversion Modules
    • Safe (automated) Specialized Chemistry Addition to convert Cr6 to Cr3
    • Safe Cyanide Conversion Module
    • Safe Ventilated Equipment with metered (automated) chemistry addition to break Cyanide
    • Phosphate Removal Module
    • Specialized Chemistry Addition (automated) utilizing precipitation to drop out phosphates

No complex operation worries! A single TrueBlue™ touchscreen panel provides easy pictorial guidance and control of all modules.